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Self-tests and case studies

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty
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Academic honesty self test. University of Melbourne/ University of Sydney, n.d..
Advice and self-test.

The academic integrity tutorial. York University (Toronto, Canada), 2005.
The interactive case studies are open. (The online quiz requires a Passport York ID.)

Frick, Ted. What is plagiarism at Indiana University? September 7, 2005.
Interactive self-test/ immediate comment & response.  [JRR: strongly recommended.]

Gardner, David. Self test: identifying and avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism and How To Avoid It. 2006.
Longer examples than many self-tests; it's an idea to print out the source material before tackling the test.  Good explanations given.  The full booklet Plagiarism and How To Avoid It is worth reading.

Glenbrook South High School. The seven scenarios below describe unacceptable behaviors. Glenbrook South High School Academic Honesty Policy. n.d..
Case studies dealing with academic integrity in general.

Hall of Shame. Faculty of Science, University of Alberta. n.d.
Case study scenarios and comments.

Hamilton, Karen. The plagiarism self assessment. n.d.
Interactive self-test/ immediate comment & response.

Hughes, Matthew, with Philip Tubman and Matthew Whale. Referencing. Bristol University: Faculty of Health and Social Care, July 2006.
An animated guide to referencing, including Why we cite, interactive examples and a self-test.

Test your integrity I.Q. University of Manitoba - Student Advocacy. n.d.
Questions and scenarios, academic integrity in general.

You quote it, you note it! Vaughan Memorial Library : Tutorials : Plagiarism. n.d..
Interactive fun tutorial and self-test.


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