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Between the lines: the holes in the 'net  Searching the Invisible Web

Citation FAQ (MLA style)
 answers to citation questions I am often asked, and a few others too!

Citing Internet and other electronic sources  [This is a downloadable Word document.]
A guide to internet citation; how to work out what is needed when not all the information is there!

Copyright, copyleft, copyfree a journey through the copyright maze : Links and more
Selected sources and sources used in the workshop, including Fair Use, Classroom Guidelines, FAQs, quizzes, and yet still more.

Death by Statistics [This is a downloadable Word document.]
This essay is designed to illustrate various citation points including in-text citation; also, how to cite web pages when there is no author, no date, no title, and other problems...

Information Technology, Information Literacy, and the International Baccalaureate  A little out-of-date now, this bibliography was compiled for a presentation made in 1998.

MUN Research Guide  A guide to some of the resources available in Robert College Library, and some useful web sites as well.

Photo Manipulation Links to pages discussing manipulation of pictures and photographs, including ethical considerations.

Plagiarism : keeping up with the cheats : a bibliography how to detect and how to prevent

Reading Log : these I have loved  Notes on books I have enjoyed in the last few years. You might enjoy them too!

Recommended Reads : with Lise Preps in mind. Links to reading lists.

Referencing.  [This is a downloadable Word document.]
Are you unsure about parenthetical referencing?  How is it different to footnotes? Do you always need parentheses? What if there's no author, no page number?  The answers to these and other questions here, MLA style, with a page in APA style thrown in for comparison! 
[Note: if you don't see any highlighting in the Word document, go to Tools >> Options >> View and make sure that Screen Tips is checked.]

Worth a closer look? Website Evaluation Revisited : a webliography Is this a reliable source? Things to consider.


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