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Librarians' Workshop : Geneva 2004

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           You don't have to be ill to get better : the slides behind the problem-solving ice-breaker. (This opens a .pdf file.)

           Plagiarism: keeping up with the cheats. (This opens a .pdf file.)

           Plagiarism: beating the cheats. (This opens a .pdf file.)

           Smart searching, better searching. (This opens a .pdf file.)

           From literacy to information literacy: reading for understanding in the real world. (This opens a .pdf file.)
          This session was based on a paper originally presented at the joint IASL/ SLA Conference in Dublin, June 2004.
          Here you can obtain (in .doc format) the list of references used in preparing the paper,
                and here (again in .doc format) are the links used for the examples presented.

           Memories : librarians at work and at play!

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John Royce, BA, MLib, MCLIP
Library Director, Robert College
Arnavutköy, TR-34345 Istanbul, Turkey.

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