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Going Beyond Google And Wikipedia
Finding Quality Information In Databases, E-Libraries And In The Hidden Web.

Part 2 : Better finds in better places.

Christina Nord and John Royce

The sites
The sources
The slides (download a .pdf file - 1 slide to a page)
The handout (download a .pdf file - 6 slides to a page)

The sites



Citeseer : Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine

Ebrary : Knowledge Unbound



          Advanced Placement
          MAS Ultra School edition

ERIC : World's largest digital library of education literature.

Gale General One File Student Resources in Context

Google Books

Google News

Highwire Press

Information bridge : DOE Scientific and Technical Information

Internet Archive : Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine



New Zealand Digital Library


Newspaper Index



Project Gutenberg : free ebooks online download for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader

Project Runeberg : Archive of free ebooks of classic Nordic (Scandinavian) literature.

          Proquest Research Library

Psychology Archive


Yahoo directory / News_and_Media / Newspapers /



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